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Logo & Branding

Central Valley Christian Counsel is a faith based out of network mental health provider that needed an update to their brand.


Jamal Jones of Central Valley Christian Counsel, primarily needed just a logo. However, when looking deeper into their company during my discovery phase, I recognized that they were missing a brand pillar which was their purpose. They needed help focusing their brand's purpose which would ultimately dictate the brands new identity.


After going through and brand purpose exercise we jumped into logo exploration that extended into concepts of future identity possibilities.

The logomark consists of 3 parts: symbol, wordmark and slogan / tagline. The symbol is comprised of a graphic version of a book and cross that is designed using a 3 mono-strokes with equal spacing to represent the “Holy Trinity”.

The symbol incorporates a cross and book. The single stroke design uses 3 strokes for both elements to represent the “Holy Trinity”. The symbol not only represents a cross but has hidden “C’s” incorporated to the ends and a “V” cutout at the  bottom to represent the “CVCC” initials. The book is meant to symbolize any book used to help with counseling process. It can be interpreted as a book of psychology, the bible, or any book of faith.

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