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Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.

About Me.
A classically trained print designer that has adapted to digital. My main focus is to inspire creativity and to create efficiently by strategizing and focusing on foundational elements and organization. My considerable design agency experience has emphasized the impact of organization on creativity and productivity, and influences how I manage projects and teams.


  • 10 years of professional design experience, including 4 years at a design agency

  • Creating an organizational and structural foundation for teams

  • Manage cross-departmental projects from conception to execution

  • Build process workflows based on individual and/or departmental needs to increase work efficiencies and productivity

  • Inspires peers and direct reports to think conceptually and beyond the status quo

  • Creates engaging yet solutions-driven work environments that support company wide goals


My Story.

My name is Alvin Domingo and I am a designer, illustrator, calligrapher, photographer and art director. I attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA and studied graphic design. After graduating in 2012, I joined Liquid Agency in San Jose and worked primarily on brand identity. Two years later, Liquid Agency opened a studio in San Francisco. There I became one of the lead designers working on Motorola and assisted in other brands such as Ernest Packaging, PayPal, Skype and Sony. Here I focused on concept, art direction, strategy, execution and assisting the creative director with pitch decks.


In 2015, I joined COG1 as an associate art director focusing on digital work for Funding Circle, Hack Reactor and Digital Realty. We also worked on a lot of RFP’s and pitch decks which required a lot comp designing.


After COG1 I joined my former creative director and started and in-house agency for Mayvenn. We took all of our agency knowledge such as process and organization and incorporated it in the companies daily usage to help build a more productive team.


While working at Mayvenn I continued working on freelance work under Alvin Domingo Design and also started a design collective with colleague and friend Tyler Yin named DominYin. In addition to freelance work I also am named Head of Design for a start-up company named SaveNaturally.

Clients I have worked with.

Tashmanian Prod.png
Adaptive Insights.png
Digital Realty.png
Funding Circle.png
Andressen Horowitz.png

My Approach.

My brand design approach is comprised of 5 Phases


01. Immersion

Review, research and capture insights of where and what the brand is currently. Then to support formation of the Branding Creative Brief elements such as; brand traits, characteristics, and behaviors are further defined. 

Typical Activities / Outputs

  • Brand Story

  • Audience Profiling

  • Branding Creative Brief

02. Design

Working in black and white we’ll apply all focus on the form of the logo, so our decisions are not skewed by color preferences. As each logo direction develops its applied in disparate executions to stress test it.

Typical Activities / Outputs

  • B&W Logo Executions

  • Logo Applications


03. Extend

Two to three selected design directions will move forward for further development and extension. During this stage core brand elements such as color, typography, iconography and stylization are all given further fidelity.

Typical Activities / Outputs

  • Extended Logo Executions

  • Color Palettes

  • Typography Specification

  • Brand Expressions, Extensions

04. Refine

This stage refines the final selected design direction. Logo details are sharpened, smoothed, and polished. Usage is defined as the final refined logo is extended and applied to all visual identity system elements.

Typical Activities / Outputs

  • Final Logo Executions

  • Brand Color Palette

  • Brand Typography Spec.

  • Brand Expressions, Extensions


05. Guidelines

To ensure the proper usage of the brand and any supporting assets brand usage guidelines will be drafted. We’ll specify appearance, application and usage of the logo and any supporting or secondary branded elements.

Typical Activities / Outputs

  • Brand Asset Library

  • Brand Guidelines

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Thoughtfully solving problems through strategy & design.


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