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Branding & Web Design

Competitive powerlifter and strength and conditioning coach Aljay Resngit was looking to take his already large group of clientele and fan base to be part of his personal branded group.


Aljay is co-founder and co-owner of San Jose Barbell, the home of Training for Warriors in San Jose and was very reputable with his gym. However, with the growth of his gym many people sought for his expertise for personal training. After years of having success with personal training, Aljay wanted to move away from using his name as a brand and create something that represented his group.



We started with a brand exercise to determine his brand pillars. Afterwards we continued onto brand strategy which include a naming exercise where I created a mind map. From there we went into logo design then UI/UX design to build out his website.


The Iron Herd is what spawned from our exercises with a symbol of an animal appearing from the dark to symbolize the tagline "Unleash your inner beast".


While creating the brand strategy we also were brainstorming on extending the brand's identity to the brands photography. So we used the concept of the tagline "unleash your inner beast" and the concept of the logo's beast appearing from the dark for this photoshoot.

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