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Campaign Art Direction

Alminder wanted to create a calendar app with great ideas and innovation but wanted to stand out in a sea of competitors. They invited us to collaborate and create a new brand identity and user interface that would truly let them shine.


With thousands of calendar apps living in the App Store, Alminder knew they needed more than just good ideas and an app to stand out. They knew that brand experience, brand identity and user experience were vary important aspects to help resonate to the top of the crowd and become a favorite with their audience.


What evolved from the collaborative process was a name within and creative direction early. Because of the quick and decisive feedback we were able to work multiple workflows in parallel to increase efficiency.


Creating a competitive analysis of direct and indirect competitors was key on finding the brand's identity and interface. Like the logo and naming we worked together to figure what made the popular calendar apps so highly coveted and the same for other apps that we felt had a similar aesthetic feel we were striving for.

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