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Logo & Branding

After appearing on the Netflix original series Last Chance U, hall of fame Coach John Beam saw that his recognition was growing fast and wanted a logo and brand that he could proudly call his own.


Coach John Beam was already famous before appearing on Last Chance U so creating a logo and brand that met his needs and personality was not difficult. The challenge was finding a mark that would be bold, symbolic and relevant.


We created a logomark which consists of 3 parts: symbol, wordmark (solo) and slogan / tagline.


The symbol is a monogram comprised of the letters “J” and “B” for the initials of John Beam. The letterform is a modern take of “blackletter” calligraphy using hard 45° and 90° angles and high contrasting strokes. The modern blackletter is symbolic to coach John Beam’s approach to football and life with the mentality “old school, new school”. The wordmark is meant to compliment the symbol with its narrow and boxy letterforms. The slogan uses a typeface that is slightly narrow but with more humanistic type qualities for more common usage.

Social Content.

In addition to the logo and branding exercise, Coach Beam wanted to extend his brand by having a social presence. We worked together with his team on how to appropriately use the graphics we designed with the brand guidelines and transform what was static to dynamic.

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